We rise at the queen’s command
like birds of prey to the skies
our wings stirring the winds
and the flags of war
flap flap, flap flap, flap flapping

The roar of the crowd is rising
their stamping feet creating a beat
that matches our racing hearts
lub dub, lub dub, lub dubbing
Rivers of sweat are flowing
drip drip, drip drip, drip dripping

fevered brows a glowing
Weapons now drawn the battle is nigh
we turn to our queen
and we offer our lives
our mission again, to see poetry thrive
We enter the arena lost in the applause
swords clashing like harsh bells
clang clang, clang clang, clang clanging
as we craft with our art
the music of our hearts
flowing and flowing and flowing
© Ann Bagnall

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