Love Comes

Like a whispered question

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

The days go by and I endure
the hours of endless night

The clock tolls over and over
time slips away
into the infinite emptiness
of tomorrow

The leaves are falling
the light seems always close to dying
the rain falls softly down
its melody is sad

Like a thousand sighs from shivering trees
which throw their branches at the sky
and their shadows on the ground
those red leaves fall and blanket the earth

Where in the dappled light
on a piece of twisted wood
two butterflies rest in that undaunted quiet
it is like watching heaven

Waves of calm wash over me
you took my heart
but there is a fire still
a slow burn

My soul is like a thirsty desert
touched by the bloom
of flowers after rain
love comes like a whispered question

And I will hear an answer
upon the wind

© Ann Bagnall

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