Our Song

Still lingers

My loneliness is a tangible creature
I feel the weight of it heavy in my heart
its substance fills the corners of my soul
yet its emptiness slips through my fingers
like sands through the hourglass, counting the seconds
the minutes, the hours, in unwavering silence

It calls to me from the depths of the night
from the whispering trees and the ocean breeze
its voice, melodious and haunting
impossible to disregard
filling every inch of space, every corner of this place
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Our song still lingers in the shadows
a bittersweet melody, that denies our reality
sounding out from the corners of sorrow
where traces of us still breathe and strive to survive
against the mounting odds
and our dwindling tomorrows

When the sun finally appears
her light will penetrate the darkness
and illuminate the dust and the cobwebs
for the winds to find
their steady gusts sweeping through
like the shifting of the seasons
and no traces of what went before
will be left behind

© Ann Bagnall

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