I shall remember still

Our waking moments fly
gone before us
I have to say goodnight as the sun sets
as evening falls
there is a gleam of gold in the grey
do not grieve that it is over
I shall be with the stars soon
and doubtless, I shall remember still

Do not turn your head away
the night is falling fast
the world changes under my hand
be sure that out of the darkness
there will be a place of light
where I shall find you

As evening falls, the light withdrawn
into the ancient net of time I have cast my lot
Bring me roses and jasmine wet with dew
a mist is driving down
is that rain that I hear?
you will be in me as the eternal moods
my soul goes forth into peace
and doubtless, I shall remember still

As I fall into the cradle of sleep
stand by my side
the path I must travel is lit by a full moon
look back when you leave
and know that I will follow
the wind works against us in the dark

Roses and gold, jasmine and tears
look out upon the stars my love
there are things that have no end
when I go back to the earth
leave all these things unsaid
I have to say goodnight
the air is like a butterfly
light and lazuline

And now one quietly solemn thought
we have spoken of love so many ways
you know that I will stay with you
here falls no darkness
I feel my face in the wind, in the sun
and the warmth of the day

Yet I feel gentle snow whisper about me
shades of night are rolling in
I fall soon into darkness
stand here by my side, see, I return
in halls of sleep I will wander home
passing through ancient walls
within my hand I hold my heart
I bring it back to where it lives

Look out upon the stars my love
grieve not for the invisible
doubtless, I shall remember still

© Ann Bagnall 

Note: This is an unpublished poem that I wrote many (many) years ago. I found it a few months ago and used a small section from it to create a smaller piece (to be published on Friday next week). As I am not feeling up to creating new work at present due to pain issues, I thought I might re-work the original and publish the longer version ahead of the extract! So this is the updated longer version.

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