My Colours Bleeding

The wounds of love are deep

The wounds of love are deep 
my colours bleeding into the canvas of night 
and crashing in waves around my feet
I open my arms to the calling wind 

My heart is a traveller now 
soaring away from my earthly form 
above rivers and oceans reflecting the stars
and the shimmering face of the moon 

But I cast no shadow 
and no reflection looks back at me 
I am weightless and empty in my invisibility 
wading into the starry sea 

The tides become my galaxy 
morning is distant in her dormancy 
and seems lifetimes away from me 
as I drift here in my brokenness 

My jagged edges wreaking devastation 
in the whispering waves of grass 
and the flowers in the cold snow below
the winds weep icy tears of glass

I am drowning as the waters rise
languid in the carrying winds
now void of soul I am formless
my image erased from the mirrors of the sky

© Ann Bagnall

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