Waves Of Winter

Still drowning in your oceans

The cold wind 
hammers sharp splinters of ice 
into my very soul
tearing away at the cobwebs 
that have gathered 
in the shadows of my heart 
in place of the flowers 
of love and light 

The shadows that hid from me 
the truth, the reality 
in a darkness 
that made it impossible to see 
that you were already gone
that I had been lying 
in the unmarked grave 
of our once bright life 

Unaware that the roses 
had withered in my arms 
and now waves of winter 
weave a weary song 
and the morning pales 
in its ghostly grasp
the last of the leaves 
wantonly embracing 
in the swirling wind 

I am alone 
barefoot in the snow 
walking on thin ice 
that in my heart 
somehow reminds me of you 
and in the moment 
I am still dreaming
of the fire of your touch 
as I am falling
through the broken surface
still drowning in your oceans

© Ann Bagnall

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