Silken Veils

My imperceptible eternity

You were the wild storm
the hurricane
wreaking havoc in your wake
you were the white noise
the silence that screamed
into the dark corners of the night
and the colour of the sun
before it shifted out of sight

You were ever my rhapsody
my ecstasy
our passion unrestrained
a sweet song
a serenade
both my light and my shade
my fantasy
my poetry
and in the end
my despair and misery

Yet even now
you are still here for me
in the poignant sorrow
of my loneliness
and in my melancholy
my life now coloured
by the lingering notes
and the memories that prevail
in even the darkest of times

Silence is now my melody
I ache for its embrace
its gentle touch
and the fragile emptiness
in which it flows across my skin
like a wind too gentle to be felt
wraithlike, it caresses me

Intangible and vaporous
its secrets unheard
yet resonating deep within my soul
keeping time with my pulse
signalling that my heart
so broken, is still beating
its dissonant chords
shifting in the shadows
matching the hushed tones and ethereal notes
of our once unbroken symphony

Perfect peace is circling me
my silken veils hold me close
I am now safe in the arms
of this masterpiece of invisibility
my imperceptible eternity

© Ann Bagnall

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