Invisible Scars

Shedding my skin

Weeping rain 
softly drips
tap tapping 
on my window 
a gentle lament 
soft as a sigh
lingers long 
in the tranquil night
settling deep 
inside of me

memories drift 
and I recall 
your touch 
suddenly cold 
my heat seeping out 
from the space 
between my ribs 
where my heart used to be 

rising on waves of darkness 
a sorrowful symphony calls my name
music flows through my rivers of pain 
lost pieces of my soul circle 
like butterflies in search of nectar 
their broken wings brushing against me 

indistinguishable from the velvet caress 
of sorrow’s waves as they return 
emanating from deep inside of me 
resounding in the echoes of the night 
where in the all-engulfing darkness 
I am craving the secrets of the shadows 

wrestling with 
the complicated knots 
that hold me in this place 
I am shedding 
my skin 
you are not 
within my skin

but traces 
the loss 
has left its mark 
invisible scars 
remind me 
like the sting 
of the wind
© Ann Bagnall

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