Beneath The Mirror

That place that you seek

My soul is a vast ocean
undiscovered and uncharted

The surface constantly shifting 
transforming in a manner that hinders clarity

Obscuring what lies beneath, beneath the mirror
that only reveals what it wants you see

You cannot hold it in your hands 
for it is a chameleon, a shapeshifter

Colourless, like an icicle against the night
slipping silently through your fingers

Fading out of sight, only to reappear 
in your peripheral vision, shifting like shadows

Dancing in time with unheard melodies
drifting in and out of light

Spinning you around and around 
to the sound of songs that you cannot recall 

Until the darkness is circling and you are starting to fall 
a wild longing still calling to you 

From a faraway place in time and space 
that place that you seek, that is mine to keep 

The ice now thin beneath your feet 
creaking like ropes on an ancient boat

Moving side to side as you start to slide 
into the frozen grasp of my soul’s embrace 

Where the sculptor within carves you into my veins 
and your colours are bleeding into my depths 

Soon to reflect in my shifting surface 
a new shade, a new skin to draw the light in

For my soul undisguised is always hungry 
and feeds on the life above the ice

You were always the day to my night
and there was no undoing it 

Now deep within my realms you will remain 
my surface now shifting once again

My mirror painting you anew 
within the dark terrain

Transforming your colours 
into winter’s sombre notes of ice and wind

Your earthly form
never to be seen again

© Ann Bagnall

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