The call of the night

Reverberating in the halls of heaven
and in the depths of my broken soul
the nightingale’s song pays sad reverence
to my melancholy heart

Echoes of my pain
drift slowly down from the moon
like petals strewn upon a gentle sea
and their fragrance flows soft and free

Veils fallen and vows broken
dark pools of violets bloom unseen
in the aching void
between you and me

Embracing the fall
and the nightingale’s sweet call
emptiness descends on sorrow’s wings
and fills my vacant spaces

Releasing my memories
into the roaring oceans of despair
I see the ink slowly fading
our pages now blank
as if we never were there

Erstwhile alone
Aphrodite comes to me in the mirror
placing roses and doves
in my withered trees
holding me safe
in these desolate seas

Now the flowers of night
have swallowed the pain
peace, nascent winged
falls gently down upon me

Colour has settled
on my budding leaves
my blossoms
once shadow bound
are now opening gently to the light

Ebbing away
are the dark tides of your seas
my own endless oceans
like the nightingales’ serenade
now calling sweetly to me

© Ann Bagnall

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