Two Souls

The boundary line is only a line
that separates the paths of two
once so tightly wound
our souls are forever drifting

There is a soft echo on the breeze
and I can still feel you
in the quiet corridors of time
this labyrinth forms the moment

It is not held in our hands
but I remember everything
the smile I used to know
I keep you close to my heart

And I am ever searching
with just one word I will know you
but as it unfolds I always sense
that it will fade

I know I will be alone again
and I never know how to leave you
casting a last glance
a look of love

I drift back
to sweet unfathomable dreams
as I told you long ago
with you I find my rest

We can be silent together
we just are always and forever
borderless possibilities
broken hearts unbroken

Sharing without speaking
the winds shall keep our secret
follow us all the days of our lives
until the waiting comes full circle
© Ann Bagnall

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