In Your Wake

Where Emptiness Echoes

My beloved, you echo in the chambers of my heart

Like the mournful song of the nightingale
you are an endless, seductive whisper, in my soul

Like a whispering chill from a passing breeze
a cherry blossom shadow that shudders and trembles

Or the wings of a winter butterfly
brushing dreamlike against my cheek

Stirring colours in the void
yet leaving no impression in your wake

The sun in beauteous splendour
is still awakened most unwilling from her slumber

As the darkness rolls over like a tired lover
and once again, he takes her resting place

As always, in the final seconds, as they part
she stretches, languishing, a last lingering glance

She rises, still sleepy, from their rumpled silken bed
and looks out to the far horizon

The light from her eyes and the tears of separation
are sprinkled like diamonds across the aching expanse

The breathless heaving breast of the darkened ocean
over which she fashions a rose wine, crimson tinted blush

That warmly spreads, intimate, like searching fingers
a blazing desire and heat that burns like heaven melting

A jasmine scented skilled seductress, she sighs a morning breeze
that flows warmly through my soul, such wonders this day begets

That sorry eyes and aching hearts must soon forsake, a splendid vision
painstakingly painted, gently, like love itself, in sorrows’ place

The lonely nightingale, in his despair, farewells the fleeing night
and anthems me, most mournfully, as if he knows my very heart

I for whom this lovely morn, unparalleled in nature’s grace
pales, as I stand here fading, as always, in your wake

Where emptiness echoes, leaving me with nothing
but the ache of unanswered questions and the tracings of tears

Shades of ruined loveliness, all my illusions falling away
the whispers of forgotten promises

Slowly unfolding, across the fields of yesterday

© Ann Bagnall

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