I built a place, a place of stone
I built it high with fragments of my soul
That place and I grew steadfast friends
and day by day, I toiled to build
the walls that kept me in
In that place I ran from me
and so each day, page by page
I rewrote my history

The wind shook the canopy
but the rain was far beneath me
Clouds rested, trembling on treetops
like butterflies of memories
that spread their wings and sailed away
upon the rippled seas of night
always swallowed
by the rising tides of morning

Sometimes in the dark
I dreamed fragments of my dreams
The ones I left behind
or un-chased, since flown away
Drifting by me as I slept
each floated separately
pretty bubbles on the breeze
always, just out of my reach

You were the whispers on the wind
my sad reflections
the source of many tears
Just fragments and scattered pieces
from a time long vanished
into the distant blue
Floating at the end of silken threads
in the tangled corridors of my darkness

A snow of rose petals
melted away under the stars
as the night brought me soft songs
and flashes of memories
Shadows sighed in unseen places
and I caught glimpses of you
mere fragments, falling away
melting gently, into the dawning

I became the yellow leaves
tumbling earthbound
from barren branches
Yearning to be carried away
into dawns’ red sky
Floating silently downwards
as memories of you, drifted
through the tapestry of my soul

Distant music, unbidden
haunted all of my hours
Songs, achingly soft and beautiful
like rain or fragrant blossoms
slipped through my fingers
Yet still lingered
in my broken heart

I drifted like a lonely sky
upon a still ocean
Forever azure beyond the night
over the rain and above the sea
my soft trailing winds, fading with me
Behind it all, in silver indifference
like midnight, you were blazing
opaque and ever silent

The moon rose through the clouds
just ragged threads
of yesterday
torn from the winds of time
and as fragile as a flame
But in the moonless dark of my soul
your heart echoed
in a place hidden from all

For this was how we loved
always one bridge still to cross
and oceans apart
An endless ache that deepened with time
forever lost in a dream
The stained-glass windows of the past
scattered in my heart
A dark sea, aching with your memory

Between the light and shade
lay all the hidden things
I did not wish to see
The secrets I would never speak
they rose and flew away
and only the dust of memories remained
Like mournful echoes
upon the breeze

Night approached in black velvet
and still love persisted
Caught in the eddies
of shoreless seas
There was a fragrance of familiarity
Pieces of a broken mirror
moving together, taking shape
in the faceless tides of shadows

Now any wind that blows
has a trace of sadness
From such dreams
the night has fled
on softly blue ice
Drifting with destiny
I am still searching for that door
That door, that elusive door

Out of reach, ever more
Frail and fading
I am sailing gently
upon the waves of night
Falling away in graceful silence
Forever lost
in the endless stream
Still searching for you, in dreams

© Ann Bagnall

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