Under an ivory moon, night falls in such beauty
the release of morning, still many hours away

Flowing in upon the breeze, a sad song of endings
for a moment, I think I see your ghostly form

Lost in melancholy, it sets me weeping
but it is only the mist, sorrow falls on me

Two fragile leaves tumbling together
against the pull of a relentless wind

I stand in the darkening and follow their journey
those two fragile leaves, for the longest of times

The night is weaving a web of shadows
and dreams are still clinging to promises

I am trembling like petals in winter winds
fading, like a leaf deprived of rain

Feeling my heart curling at the edges
glimpses, of the beginning of endings

Soft ribbons of midnight, swirl gently around me
and now the moon, is calling my name

© Ann Bagnall

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