Silence (The Lies of the Night)

In a sky without stars

Familiar things cast no shadows

Through the weeping of the rain

The moon, framed by an empty window

Fragrance drifting on the breeze

Worn down hills, whitened by moonlight

Flicker faintly in the gloom

A slow sobbing wind

A barely burning lamp

Echoes of unseen footsteps

Along a cracked autumn path

The trembling breath of time shakes the leaves

I hear the distant peals of the old church-bell

The flame has gone to rest

And tears, they fall like rain

I turn to the past, with more longing

Than the blood already knows

Such a silence lies between us

They are so fragile, the lies of the night

And I know, as darkness unfurls in downward rivulets

That I have lost myself

© Ann Bagnall

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