Choka – Loss (Fear is a Cold Stone Within)

Vast unbroken night

Stars dripping like sparkling tears

From a black silk canvas

A dry leaf chases the wind

Unseen it calls me

From the beckoning shadows

Trees standing empty

Beseech me with outstretched arms

Across the darkness

Thunder sounds from cloudless skies

Shakes me to my core

And the silence that follows

Frightens me much more

The waves are rising inside

I recall this place

Fear is a cold stone within

My heart is racing

The memory coiled herein

It blooms where I stand

This was where you left me love

On this cruel spot

Where beauty and terror meet

The air trembling

The pain of separation

There are no flowers

In this most spiritless place

Just my broken heart

And the passing winter moon

Soundlessly recall your face

© Ann Bagnall

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