Music (A Precious Captured Melody)

You are the music in my soul

Melodious, tuneful

Lilting, light and uplifting

You raise my spirits

Then drag them down

With unexpected

Dramatic considerations

Powerful expressions of emotion

Drawing pain and pleasure

From secret places

You are a music box

You go around and around

In my mind in tinkled repetition

A precious captured melody

A moment in time, treasured

You have beauty of form

 A complex composition

Harmonious, desirable

You are bird song

Lyrical, silver toned

The soundtrack of spring

Of perfect days

An essential element

Of the tapestry of time

You are the precious voice

Of a distant mountain spring

Dulcet, sweet and soothing

Cooling, cleansing

And the music you bring

Fills me up

To overflowing

 © Ann Bagnall

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