As I Descend

As I Descend

I see a shadow in the mirror

I think it’s me

The fragility of the heart

I remember falling

Ever falling

Without a resting place

Still clinging to the moment

And how it felt

To lay in ruins

As I watch

The clock ticks to escape

There is the fragrance of jasmine

And the fire and I are dying

Each a slow death

Somewhere in the silence

The tides begin to turn

And in the shadows

The blanket of time

Falls quietly

An echo flutters within me

Waves wash over me

And words fail

Worn like pebbles on riverbeds

Dreams form from imaginings

Of infinite things

You move through my mind

It touches me

A tidal movement

Only here, I think

Could I have found you

Now a sunset

Drowning into darkness

Blending into the distance

Now a thousand shades of blue

A touch of silk

Now the moon melts

Slides into the sea without ripples

Now a breath of eternity

Like the whispers of the dawn

Now meadows draped in pastel hues

Catching fire in the morning sun

And now, you catch me

As I descend

© Ann Bagnall  2021

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