The Sighs Of Lost Souls

 The Sighs Of Lost Souls

Leaves drift soundless to the earth

Touched by the early frost

Reflecting both the light

And the endless darkness

Colours swim

Until the daylight wanes into twilight

Shadows echo velvet

Draped in splendid silver tracery

The falling night the only sound

Masking the ground with its veil

Yet a melody still echoes

Of memories made

And yet to be

The night dreams somewhere

And gathers its secrets

Catching the sighs of lost souls

From shooting stars

© Ann Bagnall 2021

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3 thoughts on “The Sighs Of Lost Souls

    1. Thanks Helen – these ones are often a little mysterious to me as well, because they often start off somewhere completely different and end up here, then I read them back and wonder how!


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