2 thoughts on “Taken (On Waves Of Sleep)

    1. Thanks Blair – this one was derived from the poem hereunder – sometimes you can’t find a poem within a poem, but other times there are little gems that on their own work very well!

      I See Your Face

      This brief existence
      This interlude
      At times passes so slowly
      Like the drift of clouds
      Across a summer sky
      Or like the fire of autumn leaves
      That lingers for an age
      Yet on reflection
      My memories of you
      An eternity in the making
      Seem less than moment
      From the fleeing winds of time
      But in my dreams
      My wishes rise
      Upon the waves of sleep
      The sweet scent of jasmine
      The rose light of morning
      The shoreless ocean
      And I am taken back with the tide
      To where time and distance
      Are erased
      I see your face
      Your beloved face
      As I used to know it
      And your eyes
      Deep liquid sapphire pools
      In which I long to float
      I feel the warmth
      Of your gaze
      Chasing out the shadows
      And the aching loneliness
      Running like a river
      From my weeping soul

      © Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2015.


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