As Spring skies turn

Towards Summer

Arrayed with fraying ribbons

Of silver and blue

Shafts of sunlight dance

Like silent thoughts

That come unbidden


By the sweet serenity

Of growing things

All fragile things

Are made to break

Fresh flower petals

Cast off and floating

Like snow from above

Upon tranquil

Flowing waters

Abandoned jewels

Of the passing season

A myriad of vivid hues

A filigree

Of senseless patterns

Of light and tears

Drifting drowsily

Through the water

So effortless

Their coming and going

Perfume lingers

Upon the wind

And they achieve tranquillity

For a moment alighting

Amongst the cool stones

At the river’s edge

Then like our dreams

Are washed away


In a momentary swirl

© Ann Bagnall 2012.


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