This Sweet and Ardent Fire

This Sweet And Ardent Fire

There are clouds on the hills

A cold crescent moon

And the hours alone

Are windows to the past

There are nightingales

Wine and candlelight

There are no commandments

And this sweet and ardent fire

It overflows

The sky opens

The wind runs wild and blue

But here, where we are

Suddenly, the world grows calm

Such a silence flows between us

Like blood in our veins

It courses through us

The air vibrates

Lingers on our lips

And there is such beauty

Dripping from the breeze

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


7 thoughts on “This Sweet and Ardent Fire

  1. Annie, you are a far better poet than I! I am always swept away by the beauty of your words…each poem is a treasured gem…just wanted to let you know. Its a pleasure to be able to read your hearts emotions in words! Hugs and blessings dear sister!


    1. Thanks Wendell – poems are only as good as the feelings they evoke in individuals and everyone is touched by different things – oddly – rather than highlighting differences – for me this tends to highlight similarities – feelings of situations that are shared experiences and echoes of our own special or painful moments are often found in the words of others – this is the beauty of poetry for me – if I can bring back a memory or spark a feeling for someone – that’s wonderful!


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