Adrift On The Wind

Adrift On The Wind

 I am accustomed to your face

It sustains me

Your absence

Puts an edge on my existence

I feel the loss of you

As if it is forever

Just a momentary parting

Can stretch an instant

For hours

The first sight after separation

As if new again

I see you

In the light of fresh discovery

With the rush of precious memory

I feel the lack of you

Like injury

And your return

Without knowledge

Like a movement within

Heart lifting

I know your hands

They raise me up

The tracing of your fingertips

Against mine

I see your face


Like the first glimpse

Of the widest ocean

The misty mountains

The deepest gorge

I know your voice

Without the sight of you

From a distance

As the church bells

The distant reminder of worship

Pealing louder

A song on the breeze

The melody of my heart

Lifts me up

Adrift on the wind

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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