In the Shelter of My Dreams

In the Shelter of My Dreams

Across the velvet nape

Of my naked, trembling neck

Around the bare expanse

Of my silken, silent throat

Within my pounding heart

Upon my very soul

I feel a softness

A growing warmth

Your precious breath

Feather light and gentle

A tender, trailing, touch

Barely tracing ‘cross my skin

Like the cautious, quiet, exhale

Of the weeping, fading, night

Upon the fragrant, glowing, flesh

Of the groaning, sighing, morning

The freshly newborn moments

Of the shining, singing day

Blushing at transgressions

At familiar desecrations

I know your touch

A weight without a substance

Touching all without a sound

Without a whisper of betrayal

A silent surrender


All encompassing

A growing sense of knowing

You will wrap yourself about me

Hold me tightly in your arms

In the shelter of my dreams

© Ann Bagnall 2013.


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