Winter Lies Too Heavy

Winter Lies Too Heavy

 A bank of dark, angry clouds

Just before the thaw of daybreak

A stillness in the air

A sigh lost in the wakening

Like the silence

Between two thoughts

Then snowflakes

Tossed by winter winds

On a wild collision course

And in slow abandon

Generate a quiet mood

The endless fluctuations

Tiny ephemeral blossoms

Under the glow of the moon

Reflections everywhere

Beautiful shadows

A fluttering frailty

Destined for destruction

Brief and transient

In the world

So they fall

And rest here

For just one alluring moment

Their gentle whispers

Crystal upon crystal

In endless drifts

A blanket of white

Pristine and fleeting

And Winter lies too heavy

Upon a pale, cold sky

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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