Colour Haunts Me

Colour Haunts Me

You come to me in beauty

Beneath a star-sown sky

Where blossoms mingle

With the fragrance of moonlight

But the air

Is charged with a storm

Beyond the distant horizon

Behind the windows

Of today

Behind the mask

That I display

It leaves me breathless

It feels like being caught

Between ice and water

Clouds come upon me

Cold, mute as the roses

Touches my skin

Colour haunts me

As things come into bloom

Because I know, for me

 It comes, from you alone

And cradled in the evening hush

I dance, with the wind that taunts me

And wonder

If you only come to me

In beauty?

Or whether

Should my skies fade

From blue to grey

You would still find me?

And would you stay?

© Ann Bagnall 2013.

Image: ©2012-2015 MikeHenry
Image: ©2012-2015 MikeHenry

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