The Hymns of My Heart

The Hymns of My Heart


Where violets

Exhale their perfumed breath

 To the wind

And roses

With their blushing, velvet faces

Ever fade too early

Footsteps fall

And for one brief moment

I forget

That I have been so long without you

There, where my heart is still warm

And my soul is on fire

Where from all directions

The winds, bring petals of cherry

And carry with them

The fragile creature

Of hope


I find myself

Gently recalling those long years

When you were the songs

The hymns of my heart


With your hand on my cheek

You sighed and spoke

Of the time

 When we must both

Be like the distant shores

In the fog and the wind


Behind veils upon veils


With the ghosts of years

Far past

History runs through me

Like the hopeless tides

That weather away stone

© Ann Bagnall 2014.

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