5 thoughts on “Look (In Some Past Life)

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my poem. I have read your poem and enjoyed it. This year poets around the world are writing a lot about peace and tolerance and your poem is beautifully matched to that theme. I love the pictures of us as leaves of different colours from the same tree!


      1. thank you for the reply,i am new here.is it safe to post here?or is there any chances of stealing my work..how can we make it copyrighted..plz sugest


      2. You can see from my poems I use a copyright notice under each – I also have copyright notices in the right hand sidebar that are more detailed. I also searched for copyright services on the internet and use a few – some keep a record of publishing dates for you and email you a note each time you publish, others allow you to search the net for your words and so on. You need to have a look about and find what works for you. This is a good community, but all communities can be upset by people who prey on others so it’s good to think about these things.

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