Melting Like Copper

Melting Like Copper


You are my only passion

My protection from falling

And from the passing years

The mystery

It constantly deepens

Stays forever new

Steadfast and ageless

I have only one body

And only one heart

On my knees my love

I am your harp

The tide of desire

Stirring me gently

A smouldering flame

Blazing inside of me

I crave you

With a wild impatience

My thoughts are all of you

They come upon me

Like a raging furnace

And each morning

Rise anew

Spilling out

In an endless flood

Overflowing the banks

An ever-present desire

The pieces fit

Deeply and completely

Amongst my sighs

A thousand roses bloom around

The fire burns again

And we are melting

Like copper

And lingering

Like a dream

© Ann Bagnall 2015.


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