16 thoughts on “Always (Jasmine Floats)

    1. Thanks Blair – this is from a much longer poem –

      The Sun Is Always Rising

      An empty churchyard filled with memories
      And the twists of fate find us oceans apart
      Broken dreams fill passing nights
      Loneliness does not require solitude
      Just a pause, for the sighs of unquiet hearts
      Relentless echoes of laughter and sorrow
      The age old kisses of the sea on stones
      Each ripple sweeps me back in time
      Gives back the colour to yesterdays’ rose
      The wind song is whispering secrets
      That I’ll somehow always know
      But none speaks here but your love
      I stop to feel the breeze on my face
      Sunshine streams through a twilight rain
      There is a sudden shock of sapphire sky
      And the sun is always rising somewhere

      © Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2013.

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