They Leave No Footprints

They Leave No Footprints

That last time

They stood together

In a field of turmoil

On snow covered ground

He offered her his hand

A candle flickered

And a book was slammed shut

The night engulfing

Like a tomb

After, they were separated

And at the end, he lived in her heart

Beyond all depths

They came to be forgotten

In between are many years

Endless time

Which does not allow foot prints

In their time was so much joy

As there were shells in the sea

They walked in sadness like the wind

All arrived unexpected later

When she thought of him

She trembled as spark in spring rain

She looked for his face everywhere

With an ancient instinct

She asked  the night for dreams

As if she could possibly see

The ashes of a summer day

But time cares not for yesterday

And buries the sounds of memory

In the whispers of the wind

So they leave no footprints

In the sands of time

© Ann Bagnall 2021


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