Into Infinite Distance

Into Infinite Distance

Ripples in the sea

Embanked by gold

On beds of silver sand

Liquid diamonds in the sun

Alluvial pearls along the shore

In luminous reflection

So pure, so clear, so calm

A quiet peace descends

Placid darkness

A universe beneath

A deeper realisation dawns

The surface hides

An angry swell

Of ceaseless change

It breaks the heart

That such rare perfection

Disappears so soon

Waves of frantic restlessness

Deep and shallow

Stirred or still

They regenerate

Above and below

The depths are full of life

These beauties are but fleeting

Within the sea of suffering

Diffused in weaving drifts

Mingled in one tumultuous lament

One vertical moment

Sad and clear

Into infinite distance

© Ann Bagnall 2013.

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