I Am But An Echo

I Am But An Echo

I am but an echo

Lingering beyond my time

I am not diminished

With the passing of the years

A  deep reverberation

In the chambers of your mind

You cherish my reality

Misled by emulation

A closely rendered imitation

An alluring captivation

I am an illusion

A relished, treasured memory

You are in rapture

Of this cold reflection

This mirror of your soul

So alluring, artificial

I am but an echo

Shifting sands

I’m hard to hold

I will not reveal

My well rehearsed fallacy

Nor will I mar your fervour

Or your passion

I am only reminiscent

But a mimic

Slavishly repeated

Resounding in you

I am a reproduction

A secondary sound

I am but an echo

A bewitching repercussion

A lustful infatuation

A distortion of the truth

Corrupted by misconception

You buy my simulation

You have a predilection

For my clever replication

I hold your happy heart

I am engaging and enticing

A perversion of the present

I am something stored within you

An reminder from the past

I am but an echo

A beloved iteration

© Ann Bagnall  2013.

Flowers in Mirror Image
Flowers in Mirror Image (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

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