Back to Me

Back to Me

I was alone before you came

Alone and lost from all

My heart in pieces scattered round

Like shards of broken glass

I was adrift in the quiet dark

Where only memories bloomed

And only sadness grew

I built a place, a place of stone

I built it over time

I built it high

With bricks and tears

And fragments of my soul

That place and I

Grew steadfast friends

With the strongest of resolve

Day by day that place and I

We faded from the world

We turned away from dreams of love

From happiness, from peace

And toiled alone to make them strong

The walls that kept us in

And in that place I ran from me

Denied all that I was

And so each day, page by page

Rewrote my history

In that place without the light

I never saw my loss

Until the day, the fateful day

There came the breeze of change

In the dark a flame appeared

A terrifying sight

It flickered wildly in my soul

In burnished hues of love

The precious shades, of you

I put my hands across my eyes

And turned my face away

And vowed again to stay inside

And not enter the fray

You did not heed my deepest fears

Nor listen to my doubts

Despite the stones that blocked your way

Your soul reached out to mine

Around the walls you circled

And  planted seeds that flourished

A garden rose from darkness

An endless joy to see

Creeping, inch by inch

Across the ebbing night

To me

Stone by brutal stone you fought

And saved me from this place

This place of loneliness

And endless misery

You tore it down and helped me see

What was before, unseen

And piece by shattered piece

You gathered up my broken heart

And gave it back to me

© Ann Bagnall and, 2015.


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