Your Endless Sea

Your Endless Sea

In my dreams

I am always drifting on your endless sea

Where hopes are built on shifting shores

Where your steady tides

In constant returning

Moan and whisper

While they weather away stone

Returning bright glimpses of light

That disappear into in the darkness

As waves upon the shore

Or sink into the deep darkened pools

Of your endless sea

The tide of my love is rising

There is a song resounding in my heart

And as the moon

Commands your endless sea

My love for you has conquered me

I have succumbed

To your breathless sighs

To the rise and fall

Of your restless endless sea

Like a river I long to flood over you

And become as one

With the ceaseless churning cauldron

And the numberless peaks

Of your pulsing endless sea

Under these darkened skies

I am embraced by infinity itself

And as the world grows calm

The heavens are weeping

Tears of cooling soothing rain

Forever filling and refreshing

The depths of our endless

Loving sea

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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