The Night Is Yours Alone

There is a darkening

Doubting sky

The clouds speak

A language of their own

Like finely fashioned

 Twisted driftwood

In the weeping darkness

In the fading light

Softly flowing

A fragrant mist of falling moonlight

Like coloured silk on flagstones

Spilling over faint tones of blue

A door opens to a stand of trees

The cool caress of a cautious wind

Splintering the light

Through the leaves

Through the silhouettes

First the silence

Then a passing thought

Images of you

A recollection

Slowly regained

By way of a silken thread

The unseen hand

That stirs the velvet darkness

A touch

That is at once both pain

And something soft

A deeper peace

Than I have ever known

Perhaps this will be the last time

We will breathe our dreams

 Into each other

For they are delicate

Feather light and fragile

Like the ever changing hues of heaven

An endless drifting horizon

Veiled in shadows

I hold you in my thoughts

Where the roses bloom

Where the rain falls in a quiet forest

And as the night floods in

I stand in silence

Letting it flow over me

The dream that you are

And with the breeze

I let it pass

For the night is yours


© Ann Bagnall

This beautiful art work is by Lora Marsh who kindly gave me permission to use it for this poem – see her work at

Painting 'Moonlit Tree - Spring' by Lora Marsh - available for purchase - see hereunder

Painting ‘Moonlit Tree – Spring’ by Lora Marsh Available for purchase at–spring-lora-marsh.html

Lora is an Artist, Teacher & Student who was born and raised in the small coal-mining town of Windber, PA. She discovered a passion for art at an early age. As a small child she remembers creating art at home and then putting it in old frames to hang in her room. The passion continued through high school where she couldn’t seem to find enough time to get to the art room. There Lora worked on several school murals and was encourage by her high school art teacher, Mr. Lambert to pursue a career in art. After high school, she studied art at Carlow College in Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. Since then Lora has found plenty of time to be in the art room teaching art at United Jr./Sr. high school.

Outside the classroom, Lora is a painter. She loves working in oils and usually works out of her home studio. An artist looks at the world with different eyes. Lora’s inspiration comes from her experiences such as travel, people and the way she views the world. Her style is a painterly form of realism where she captures a scene more realistically but enhances the natural colors, contrast and lighting to create a mood. She creates a serene and calming place, that is a visual escape for the viewer. Her artwork and passion for art has also been influenced by other artists and teachers. She continues to take classes and workshops and looks at the work of other artists such as Degas, Van Gogh and Renoir for growth. To Lora that is what being and artist and teacher is all about.

Artist’s Statement

I am a painter as well as an art instructor. My goal when creating art is to offer the viewer an experience. Edgar Degas said it best when he said, “Art is not what you see, but you make others see.” Through my art and my teaching, I believe that I have helped others to see the world in a new way.

My work is influenced by the power and mystique of the world around me. I’m inspired by the brilliant colors that appear naturally, the ripple of a wave, a tree swaying in the breeze, or by light magically glistening off water. I bring these influences out in my work by enhancing color and contrast and by adding a sense of light. I capture a place that is calm and inviting; a visual escape. My style is a painterly form of realism and my hope is to capture the viewer and bring them into my world and way of seeing.

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” ~ Anonymous

Gallery Representation/Professional Memberships:

• The Artists Hand Gallery – Fine Art Gallery
• Allied Artists of Johnstown
• Fine Art America
• Oil Painters of America
• Indiana Arts Council
• Cambria County Arts Association
• PSEA Pennsylvania State Education Association
• NEA National Education Association
• UEA United Education Association

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