So Here We Are

So Here We Are

What went before

My shell of tears and rain

A cold and distant room

Is now a vacant space

An empty place


An abandoned chapter

In an unfinished book

The passages we must regret

The words bleached from the pages

In front of me an empty sheet


The book is open

Fallen open

The text trailing across the chapters


From some distant place


To this very space

This exact space

Rushing yet

To homes unknown

To places strange and yet unseen


So here we are

Right here

No picture of the past

No hint about the future

The beginning a mystery


The ending yet to be written


You were always my yearning

Your soul I breathed

With every breath


You aroused the gentle breeze of summer


Like a sacred song

And misunderstood

Like pain


The window of my soul opens

Pages on the wind

Thrown aloft

To escape

Into the clear turquoise swell


Into the vast space

Between heaven and earth

In an endless undulant and silent flight

Burning with passion and with fire

Through the leaf red passages of time

© Ann Bagnall 2014 (Revised 2019)

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