Choka – Dreams (As Always, it is Night)

Choka – Dreams (As Always, it is Night)

Rain is pouring down

And as always it is night

This place is my home

I remember it clearly

I walk through the rooms

Familiar things overwhelm

Then something changes

I sense I am out of place

There is a strange door

And I am afraid to look

A wall is missing

Open to the dark garden

And it calls to me

In tones that make me resist

I reach for the door

The rain drifts in and soaks me

My heart is beating

And then the waves come

Rising up in front of me

I sense the end is near

Then it is falling on me

And I am drifting

Floating into the darkness

And peace falls softly on me

© Ann Bagnall 2015.


3 thoughts on “Choka – Dreams (As Always, it is Night)

    1. Thanks – this one is actually a dream I have had over the years – I tried hard to make it feel the way the dream impacts on me – glad I achieved it! I have some others that are based on dreams (well a lot really) – but these these two might be interest you if you like this one: ‘It is cold in the dream’ and ‘Choka – Dreams (An Inexplicable Grace)’.

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