Emptiness In Full Bloom

Emptiness In Full Bloom

A cooling mist blows over the wall

And a leaf falls without a sound

A voice calls to me from deep inside

As the hours heave like waves

Casting up memories

The night floods in

The darkness consumes ever deeply

But dreams won’t come

The evening air rushes past me

Emptiness in full bloom

His silence is unexplained

I am alone with the moon

I turn from my mirror with a sigh

I watch my guttering candle

I stand alone for a long while

This ache of farewell

It seems the wind hungers to cross the void

It weighs heavy on me

Motionless at my window

My heart is like a cold lake

And the wind demands to be listened to

It seems I have been forgotten in the midst of things

The hour grows late and the silk curtains fall

He is all I have ever known

His steady eyes have been the pool in which I float

And he will always find me

At the edge of the night, in endless vigil

Waiting with the stars

© Ann Bagnall 2015.

Image: Reaching the surface by Kokopa ©2011-2015 Kokopa
Image: Reaching the surface by Kokopa
©2011-2015 Kokopa

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