The Unravelling Night

The Unravelling Night 

 She stands alone

At the very cusp of the night

Face turned to the distant stars

Stars so achingly bright

That they hide the clouds

The ever present clouds in her eyes


She feels a tremor deep within

As a gentle searching breeze

Trails slowly across her mood

She feels a growing warmth

As her blood circles

Endlessly flows beneath


She senses the night unravelling

In the perfumed breeze

The tides of memory roll

Awakening familiar echoes

In her close held soul

Rousing the sleeping phantoms

Of the past


Such a sweet subtle spell

The moonlight weaves

But then like an icy shadow

Comes the errant thought

Did the sun used to fall

Just in that place?

Only to fade

In the clutches of the night


Did it fall just there?

Where the moons’ silver

Spills and stains now

As leaves float in idle play

And scatter on the winds


Through the inconsistent dark

The rocks stand in stony silence

And the sea rolls over all

In sobbing waves of grief


She hears it

A voice that never was

Yet she knows she remembers

And wherever he treads

She longs to also go



Like a fallen blossom

Fragrant and fragile

Her feelings return

Swirling and wild

Like a winter storm


And like the passion

At the heart of a dream

Unconquered by the sunless hours

She knows his heart

Even in the darkness


© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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