I Am the Mirror

I Am the Mirror

We explore reflections

Without knowing what they mean

And when detected

They are sometimes still unseen

Captured deeply within

Between the mind and heart

Do you hear me calling your name

From where you are most afraid to look?

I will take your hand

And become your mirror

An unflinching gaze

Between the unseen dreams

And the cloudy images

Of what might have been

In the texture of times’ etchings

I see you move back into place

Duality seals our destiny

The ripples you make

Shift and change my life

Surfacing inner tides

You see the same as I

Tell me your secrets

Show me your soul

I will give back to you

What you evoke in me

There are no illusions here

For I am the mirror

Empty without you

© Ann Bagnall 2015 (Revised 2019)


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