Acquiescent Grace

Acquiescent Grace

A host of leaves and flowers

Stirred and swayed


Upon the transient breeze

Emerald leaves and buds of rosy pearl

In silken tatters

Scarlet shot with gold

A galaxy

From which was blithely shed

A fiery shower

Falling star on star

Endless whirling in the dark

A giant plane leaf

Launched on level air

Pauses to float

Swaying a moment, where


By the atmospheric tide

That turns it slowly

Over once in space

Floating dead, it leaves no trace

But lapses

In a smoothly dipping glide

Scooping shallow air

From side to side

In ripples that are blue

And yet are green

Swirling from heaven

And then crumbling

One solitary leaf

Without a sound

Settles upon the path

Of rain-soaked ground

Lastly, descended

To reach the direst of fates

And lightly lands

With acquiescent grace

© Ann Bagnall  2021



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