The Butterfly’s Wing

The Butterfly’s Wing

In the inward mirror I enter the dream

From shore to shore

In the farthest reaches

Everywhere reveals the colours of spring

Except the wind which is beautiful

In its dark winter tones

From room to room in the vastness of this place

I hear a whispering

But the words they fall away into the silence

Like a breeze raised by a butterfly’s wing

It is familiar the path of this dream

Falling leaves descend like tears

Into the quiet pond

And in the distance I hear the footsteps

Falling into beyond

Between the light and shade

Between each breath I recall it

Recall that this is a journey that never ends

In the dream I reach for it

The candle flickers in the mirror

Upon the canvas of my soul

And after all

The broken glass alone


© Ann Bagnall 2014. 



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