Unattainable Peace

Unattainable Peace

Snow falling beauty in flight

Crystalline catching the last of the sun

As each perfect flake

Floats towards the end nearer to oblivion

To the hard reality of the frozen earth

To vanish into the night


Falling blossoms

Fragrant silken pirouettes

Floating and settling in beauteous heaps

Cherry red and lotus pink

Apple blossom white

Likened to snowdrifts

Only softer less transient

Yet still in time trampled underfoot

And in the first good rain

Sent swirling, back to whence they came


The leaves of fall

They dance a wondrous waltz

Falling floating ever downward

Lifted up by gusting winds

And tossed away into the stream

Or piled in heaps

Crackling to life just for a moment

In the flames


Falling ever falling

Into the night into the stream

Into the flames

The beauty and the joy

The dying and the pain

Falling the flow of grace

Eternal threads

The elegance of endings


Will you save me from falling?

Forever falling?

Your love is the wind that picks me up

That whispers low and sweet

And lets me drop

With nothing left to grasp

And speaks in silence

Of unattainable peace

© Ann Bagnall  2014. 


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