Moon Dreams

Moon Dreams

Floating, sailing, azure cool

Softly playing rain

Beautiful indifference

Smooth, silent white

Cold mesmerising green

Exsanguinated, empty sun

Midnight walks, forever beautiful

Splashes of returning silver on calm black water

Dark blue flowers of ink

Teeming like sands between the oleander

And amongst the water-lilies

Melting away on honeyed summer evenings

Sweet magnolias and ancient lilacs

Worlds and times entwined

Stars in the sable deep

Fallen rose petals

The blooming, coral silence

Murmuring thoughts

Endless pearl skies

Strange, luminous, silent clouds

Bursting forth from a memory

Love returned from yesterday

Words with smooth worked edges

Claret and ivory

Dawn bleeding into day

Entwined, soundless waterfalls

Peaceful enchantment

The picture is vanishing, no colours left

Dreams flowing

Not what you imagined

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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