Haunted (Lost In Your Possession)

I am haunted by you

Not by your past

Or by the memory of you

I am beset by your reality

I come across you

In dark of night

In the solitude of rest

In my restless slumber

I am startled

By your presence

Raised bleary eyed

To the hallways

To the corners

To the quiet places

The hidden parts

Of my existence

I am haunted

Harried, by you

You trespass

Upon my daydreams

Frighten me from my reverie

Set my heart racing

I feel my skin crawl

The tiny hairs on my arms

My neck

Ripple with anticipation

Of your possession

My breath is visible before me

I can touch it

Move it with my fingers

Feel it cool against my flesh

I see your face in the mist

Your eyes upon me

Looking through me

Hands outstretched

I shield myself from you

Reach for you

Find myself

Empty handed

Traces of you

Nothing tangible

I cannot turn my thoughts

My attention

From you

You haunt my consciousness

My dreams

I hear you call to me

Across time

Your voice is for me alone

The sound pierces the quiet

Stabs at my heart

At my soul

Sets me aquiver

Fear and fascination

I am alone in my visions

In my dark disturbances

You haunt me

I am entranced by your spirit

You are invasive


Real, yet unimaginable

I cannot envisage a world

That you do not inhabit

A room

That you do not abide in

A part of me

That is empty of you

I am haunted by you

By your reality

And lost

In your possession

© Ann Bagnall

Image: http://crispme.com/wp-content/uploads/1770.jpg


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