Echoes (Of Ourselves)

 Your soul is lost and broken

Your past rooted in pain

Darkness built on darkness

An emptiness

That resonates to the core

There is always whispering

The sound of your inner voice

Calls you into yourself

Then out of the night

Suddenly, without warning

A soulful cry from within

Reveals the truth

Mirrors facing each other

Empty frames, ghosts within

Silently dying of grief

Haunted by dreams and misery

From that place without shadows

There are echoes of ourselves

Fleeing out of the darkness

Listen for the answer

Listen carefully to the unspoken

Go not into the abyss

The centre collapses

Take one last look

Unravel the mystery

The fire of the heart

Everywhere there is music

Carried on the waves of our hearts

A triptych of life

Past, present and future

Hidden in our hearts

And there is always time enough

To live

© Ann Bagnall

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