The Night Brings Her Angels

The Night Brings Her Angels

No one knows

What has been taken from her

One fatal footstep

Her memories

Lost to the grave

No one knows

Where she lies

Silent and alone

In sweet repose

The darkness

Has become her home

She sleeps

In cold hibernation

Her beauty hidden

Where in time

All turns to dust

Turns to ashes

Slowly erased

Their dark secret

That dread darkness

Never to be revealed

His heart grew ever cold

The dark bruises of love

Now hidden

For eternity

In dark grief


She still haunts him

In the hours of deep shadows

He longs to drink her sweet wine

To disturb her silence

Her soul stirs

Like lifeless leaves

Upon the trees

And while the night

Brings her angels

Her heart in ashes

Is all that remains

To be seen

© Ann Bagnall 2014.

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3 thoughts on “The Night Brings Her Angels

  1. I am in absolute awe of the effect your words create! How incredibly the fear of haunting grief has been depicted. To me, the poem spoke of the pain of separation and disastrous effects it has on the heart and mind. Not sure if I got what you intended, but I loved it 😀


    1. Well people often read different things from the same words – I am often surprised to hear what someone else thinks I was writing about and I don’t usually tell. This one however was written specifically about a young woman whose life was taken from her in terrible circumstances and her young man who was left behind to grieve for her.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably that is the beauty of poetry that it is perceived by different individuals differently. Thanks for throwing the light. On reading it again, it fits perfectly and poignantly.


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