Weary of the Winter

Weary of the Winter

More are the times you walk alone

Spending your days in loneliness

Life is like a picture, distorted by illusion

Where you are neither present, nor apart

A place that is somewhere, between sleep and awake

Where existence has that shifting quality

Like rain, that comes and goes

And magnifies your pain

You grow weary of the winter

And of the tearing winds

Whilst solitude has been your friend

And the moon has ever watched you

From the sky

As you have wept more tears than you can count

It is time your shadows were laid to rest

And melted into night

Like the rose to the spring

You now open your heart

And like the larks

Whose song is floating on the breeze

You let your sorrows escape your breast

And your soul escape its’ toil

And soar forever onwards

Into your dreams

© Ann Bagnall 2013.

Image: https://lh6.ggpht.com/4BIvNhNkty2-SulHrYx_jD-Hd-POXDUG-6brhTrS0b8UxrJIAnBs6U5JbZscoYzszN67=h900

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