You Are A Storm In My Soul

You Are a Storm In My Soul

You are a storm in my soul

You distract me

You are everywhere

In all the passing places

In the rising of the dawn

In the melting of the day

In the star set sky

In the stark breathless beauty

You are there

I cannot look away

I hear your voice

It echoes

Rings in my memory

In the swirling morning mists

In the heavy morning shrouds

In the deep green valleys

You are the surging of an orchestra

You lift me up

Shut out everything

But you

You soar with the birds

You carry my heart

You run with the river

I drown in your eyes

You are the salty seaside breezes

I feel you on my skin

Take you in

You are the ocean

Roaring, surging

I am lost in you

I smell you, breathe you in

In the heady scent of Jasmine

In the perfume of a Rose

You are there

I taste you

Like an exotic, foreign fruit

An assault on my senses

Bittersweet, addictive

You are a secret pleasure

A sweet obsession

Like a velvety elixir

You slide within me

Burn me with your touch

You possess me

Hold me in your gaze

I cannot move away

Like a moth to the flame

I am drawn to you

You are inescapable, perilous

My destiny

And my destruction

© Ann Bagnall 2015.

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4 thoughts on “You Are A Storm In My Soul

    1. Because he is everything to me, but isn’t mine… secret pleasure, my sweet obsession. I sometimes write that way – it all sounds so joyous, because that is how it feels to love, but it is also heartbreaking and destructive if it is not reciprocated or not the right time. Maybe it’s just female notion?


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